Early Serious Mental Illness Program (ESMI)


Our ESMI Program is funded by Idaho Department of Health and Welfare designed to provide early intervention services for young people who have recently started experiencing first episode psychosis (FEP).


Coordinated Specialty Care Program (CSC)


Informed by research studies funded by the federal government which demonstrated good outcomes for people with FEP


RA1SE: The “Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode” initiative seeks to fundamentally alter the trajectory and prognosis of schizophrenia through coordinated and aggressive treatment in the earliest stages of illness.

Problem Solving

Social Skills

Psychiatric Symptoms Management

Basic Living Skills

Medication Management

Anger Management

Eligibility Criteria


Age: 15 – 30


Diagnosis: Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizophreniform, Psychosis Not Otherwise Specified (NOS), Bipolar I, or Delusional Disorder


Psychopathology: Symptoms lasting at least one week


Duration of Illness: Less than 2 years since the first onset of psychotic symptoms


Idaho State Resident

Services provided in ESMI Program

Provide clinically necessary treatment to individuals who have been referred and accepted to the Idaho STAR program including, but not limited to, the following:

Assessment services, including annual assessments

Treatment plans


Peer Support Services

Case Coordination

Crisis Intervention

Individual therapy

Crisis Intervention

Group Therapy

Medication management services

Discharge Planning

Coordinated Specialty Care Services includes

Provide clinically necessary treatment to individuals who have been referred and accepted to the Idaho STAR program including, but not limited to, the following:

Career/Education assessments and profile

Selection of Education and or Employment and Job Training Goals

Supported employment and educational services

Ongoing job coaching and support

Social and coping skills training

Behavior change activities

Strength based case management

Family consults and monthly education groups

Symptoms may include:


Unusual thoughts or beliefs that appear strange to the young person or others


Feeling fearful or suspicious of others


Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or feeling things that others do not


Disorganized, “odd” thinking or behavior


Strange bodily movements or positions

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Pathways of Idaho does not discriminate in the provision of services to individuals based on their race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

This organization accepts Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, other private insurance, and offers a sliding fee schedule to those who qualify.

This practice serves all patients regardless of ability to pay.

Discounts for essential services are offered depending upon family size and income.

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Pathways of Idaho no discrimina en la proveer de servicios a personas basado en su raza, color, sexo, origen nacional, discapacidad, religion o orientación sexual.

Aceptamos Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, seguro privado, y tasas de descuento. Esta práctica sirve a todos los pacientes, independientemente de la habilidad de pago.


Descuentos para los servicios esenciales son ofrecidos dependiendo de tamaño de la familia y del los ingresos.


Pacientes pueden aplicar para servicios médicos con la recepcionista en la clínica. Gracias