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Our Approach to Treatment Foster Care.

At Pathways of Idaho, we care about the health and well-being of Idaho’s most vulnerable children and youth. For over 14+ years, we have provided mental and behavioral health services and have great success in providing holistic wrap-around support to individuals experiencing emotional, behavioral, and mental health trauma. The goal of our Treatment Foster Care program is to provide stability, treatment, and support to children. Our Treatment Foster Care team includes Treatment Foster Parents and mental health professionals who have expertise and training in trauma-informed care.

Why Treatment Foster Care?

  • In 2021, 43% of placement changes were due to foster parent requests.

  • The number one reason for requesting a child to be moved is child’s behaviors were too difficult to manage.

  • Each year, more than 120 of Idaho’s youth spend time in a residential treatment facility, group home or other type of congregate care. Many of these children would benefit from Treatment Foster Care services.

* Source: Idaho Department of Health & Welfare Annual Legislative Foster Care Report for SFY 2021

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What is Treatment Foster Care About?

Treatment Foster Care is about giving children and youth the opportunity to receive needed treatment in a home environment with skilled foster parents, who are part of the child’s treatment team. Treatment Foster Parents provide loving and safe homes for children who are experiencing serious emotional disturbances, behavioral or mental health challenges, or serious medical needs that cannot be safely managed in a general foster home. Treatment Foster Parents have an important role in a child’s life in helping to build strong community connections with children, while their families work towards reunification.

At Pathways of Idaho, we equip our foster parents with special training in trauma-informed care, mental and behavioral health services, and offer 24/7 high-level support. Our TFC foster parents attend a minimum of fourteen (14) hours of training prior to having a child placed with them on topics that expand on their existing knowledge of providing general foster care to children, or builds on their experience and/or education in social, behavioral and mental health fields, or a combination of both. Our Treatment Foster Care team’s support includes frequent contact with Treatment Foster parents and children, frequent and individualized training to meet specific needs, and connects Foster Parents with local community-based resources. We have dedicated child and family therapists and case managers who develop individualized service and treatment plans, working with the child and family team to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Commitment to You

  • 24/7 high level on-call service and support

  • Daily rate starting at $90 a day to help Treatment Foster Parents cover the cost of providing a loving, safe home for a foster child

  • No more than 2 TFC placements at a time

  • A dedicated TFC case manager for every child

  • Access for Treatment Foster Parents to a child and family therapist

Your Commitment as a TFC Parent

  • To provide a safe, supportive, and loving home environment for a child

  • To communicate daily and weekly with the TFC Team

  • To complete pre-service training prior to licensure

  • To complete ongoing annual training relevant to providing better care for the child in your home

  • To support the treatment services provided within the Teatment Foster Care program

Foster Parenting Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

TFC Licensing Process

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