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Below, you will find the answers to some of the typical questions we are used to hearing prior to becoming a TFC Parent. If you still have any other questions after reading through the below FAQ section, feel free to reach out. We’d love to clarify any othe questions you may have.

What is Treatment Foster Care?

Treatment foster care is out-of-home care for children who are experiencing mental, emotional and behavioral health needs. This care is provided by skilled and trained licensed, treatment foster parents who provide a safe, stable and structured home environment, with wrap around services and supports, to help a child heal from their trauma and develop coping strategies in dealing with mental health issues.

Do you have to be a two-parent household to qualify as a treatment foster care provider?

Not at all, a single parent can be a foster parent.  As long as a foster parent is available to meet the needs and schedule of the child in their home.

Do I have to be a parent or have parenting experience already to foster?

No, Pathways of Idaho provides extensive training and support services to prepare foster parents to care for children in their homes.

Is there a minimum age requirement to be a treatment foster parent?

At least 21 years of age.

Can I work, or do I need to stay at home?

Many treatment foster parents work outside the home.  As long as you or another parent in the home are available to meet the child’s needs having a full time job is not a barrier.

Do I have to own my own home?

No, there is no requirement that a foster parent owns their home.  You need to have enough room in your home for a child to have their own bed in a room that is either shared with other children, or that their own.

Do I have to make a certain amount of money?

There is no income requirement, but rather a standard that families must be financially stable and have the means to support their own family without financial assistance.

Can I adopt a child that I’ve fostered?

The goal of fostering is rarely adoption. Many of our children’s families are working hard to regain stability in order to provide a safe and loving home for their children. In 2020, over 65% of cases reunified with their families.

What are the ages of children who are in treatment foster care?

Pathways of Idaho provides Treatment Foster Care for youth ages 3-18.

What support will I receive as a treatment foster parent?

As a treatment foster parent, you will always have full support from our team and agency:

  • You will receive specialized training in trauma informed care, mental, and behavioral health and responding to crises
  • You will have 24/7 support from our program staff
  • Your foster child can receive therapy services by our TFC clinician
  • You and your foster child will be supported by our program’s TFC case manager who sees the children and foster families weekly and coordinates with schools and doctors to make sure everything is going smoothly.
  • You can access respite care with a Pathway’s licensed foster care provider


Do I receive a reimbursement for caring for a child?

Yes, for detailed rate information please contact us at

How can I learn more about children who are available for adoption?

You can visit to learn more about children waiting for adoption.

What if I’d like to foster but I’m not ready to provide Treatment Foster Care?

You can learn more about general foster care and the process to become a foster parent through the Department of Health and Welfare here.

What if my child would benefit from additional support and possibly Treatment Foster Care, but they are in my care?

You can reach out to contact Idaho’s YES program to learn more about Youth Empowerment Services and whether your child would qualify for Treatment Foster Care services, by emailing

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